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Offline Type-Specific ECDIS Training - JRC
JRC ECDIS Type Specific Training
  • e-Learning Quality Certification by NIPA
  • e-Learning Contents App for PC
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • JRC Certification issued
  • Program Version: edurosECDIS ver.2.1.11
  • Size: 717MB
    "Basic Course + Test + Certification"
    • Be advised that the course-Type B(Offline) is intended and dedicated for users who are unable to access to the internet.
    • The users who decided to go with course-Type B(Offline) should additionally install the user license key files after installation of edurosECDIS program software on your local PC.
    • The user lincese key files can be sent to your registered email address within 24hours from the time you made the payment for eduros.
      (If you have made the payment on weekend or holiday, the key file will be sent as soon as the next office hour resumes.)
    • Please keep in mind that you are able to log in on edurosECDIS program only if the license key file is already added onto your installed eduros program.
    • If you are always able to access to internet, you’d better choose Course-Type C(Online) for simple process.
certificate Lssuing Process
Document Checklist
The following documents, duly completed, must be submitted to KJ Engineering sales division for evaluation and approval before the course starts or the issue of the certification.
For Certification
No Stage Form Type
1 Letter of Guarantee G


edurosECDIS (e-learning) is an e-learning solution which is made up of typically web-based
training technologies and web-assisted learning tools for the JRC ECDIS Type Specific training
(JRC 701B and 901B series ECDIS and the JAN-2000 ECDIS).
You are able to learn on the proper operational use of ECDIS both at the ordinary and under
extreme conditions in accordance with ISM code.
  • Familiarization with the specific ECDIS model according to ISM Code
  • Interactive Courses
  • Multi-language Supports
  • Practical Exercises
  • Similar UI as real ECDIS
  • Online Supports & Management of Trainee's record (Eduros)


JRC Equipment: JAN-901B, JAN-701B, JAN-2000
jan-2000 jan-901b jan-701b

edurosECDIS video clip

This video clip explains about the features and functions of the edurosECDIS.
Its running time is about 6 minutes and the contents are as follows.
  • Features of edurosECDIS
  • Functions of edurosECDIS
  • Linkage with JRC Demo Program
  • edurosECDIS Test and Certificate Issuance
  • edurosECDIS Practical Demonstration


Contents of the course

  1. Operation of Power On/Off
    1. How to Power On/Off the ECDIS.
  2. Description of the ECDIS System Configuration
    1. Descritpion of configuration of Software. (Operation software, Application software)
    2. Description of configuration of Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive.
    3. Description of displaying the status for malfunction of Hard Disk Drive.
    4. Description of time for Replacement of consumables.
    5. Description of operation of ECDIS under ship power blackout.
    6. Description of configuration of Navigation sensor connected.
  3. Operation of Shifting the chart
    1. Description of automatically Shifting the chart according to the own ship position.
    2. How to shift the chart with the hand-cursor.
    3. How to shift the chart by entering the position from entry panel.
    4. How to shift the chart with the cross-cursor.
  4. Description of the menu structure
    1. Description of the menu structure.
  5. Displaying information on the Electronic Navigational Charts.
    1. How to display chart information with ENC/C-MAP/ARCS information functions.
    2. How to display information added on the Electronic Navigational Charts with Other information functions.
    3. How to display the AIO(Admiralty Information Overlay).
    4. Panel Display of AIS/TT Target.
  6. Description of the display panel
    1. Description of the Display panel.
    2. Description of Information of navigation sensor.
    3. Description of difference between DGPS Position and Ownship Position. (CCRP)
    4. Description of the offset function of the own ship position.
    5. Description of Local Time and How to change UTC time.
    6. Description of length of course vector and heading vector.
    7. Description of sounding depth.
    8. Description of route monitor panel.
    9. Description of the other information of the own ship.
    10. How to input the event mark on the chart.
    11. Description of MOB(Men over board) function.
    12. Description of list of ports function and port registration.
    13. Description of home position function.
    14. Description of Chart zoom function. (Zoom In/Out)
    15. Description of Chart Information Display.
    16. Description of Ship Motion Mode Function.
    17. Description of Chart Azimuth Mode Function.
    18. Description of EBL/VRM Function.
    19. Description of the Alarms Function.
  7. Route Planning
    1. How to set up of route options.
    2. How to plan the route with table editing. (New Route)
    3. How to plan the route with table editing. (Edit Route)
    4. How to plan the route with graphic editing. (New Route)
    5. How to plan the route with graphic editing. (Edit Route)
    6. How to check the safety status on the planned route.
    7. Description of the other functions for route planning.
  8. Route Monitoring
    1. How to select the route and Information for route monitoring.
    2. How to select WPT in the short cut of planned route.
  9. ECDIS Setup
    1. How to set up TT/AIS Display.
    2. How to display Radar Echo.
    3. How to set up Own Ship Information.
    4. How to set up of Chart display.
    5. Description of Anchor Watch Functions.
    6. Description of User Map Functions.
    7. Description of Manual Update Functions.
    8. How to set up Alarm Detection.
    9. How to set up Ship Navigation Log.
    10. How to set up Buzzer Volume.
  10. Chart Installation & Updating.
    1. How to register SA Cert. & Cell Permit.
    2. How to install and update the electronic charts.
    3. How to change the contract Detail.
    4. How to check latest update of ENC.
  11. Automatic sailing
    1. What is TCS ?
    2. How to creating the route. ( including description of "Safety Check/Limit check" function )
    3. How to start automatic sailing.
    4. How to Start the turn.
    5. How to Stop automatic sailing.
  12. Updating of the software.
    1. Description of updating of the software.
  13. Transfer planned route.
    1. How to transfer planned route to the backup system.
  14. Explain of difference points for model.
    1. Explain of difference points for model(JAN-701/901/901M & JAN-701B/901B/2000)
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"Basic Course + Test + Certification"
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Team Licenses

It is comprised of more than one license with multiple keys for each user based on the number of licenses purchased.
A Team License helps you manage Team eduros accounts across your organization through a administration page.
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